Certified Audio Transcription & Modern Court Reporting

When you choose Russin Reporting to transcribe your audio files, your audio transcriptions will receive top of the line and experienced court reporting techniques. Your audio transcriptions will be provided by certified Court Reporters on staff in a timely manner.

Official Audio Transcriptions

Court reporters are renowned for their neutrality and uphold the officiality of any record they handle. Russin Reporting follows the best practices when transcribing audio of hearings, dispatch calls, sworn testimony, etc., and can notarize documents in-house all in a few steps.

On staff, we have court reporters certified in Texas and New Mexico, and harbor nationally recognized credentials. Jenifer Russin, owner of Russin Reporting, has been court reporting in the state of New Mexico since 1977. In Las Cruces, Russin has put together an excellent team of court reporters and other personnel who specialize in legal services.

Russin Reporting Offers Accurate & Notarized Audio Transcriptions

Our court reporters on staff have highly trained ears and superior English skills to provide clients with accurate and credible audio transcriptions.

On staff, we also have a Court Interpreter who specializes in Spanish transcriptions who has worked for over 30 years as a certified court interpreter. These in-house services result in high-quality official transcripts that will be recognized in the court.

Our staff pose as Notary Publics and can conveniently notarize audio transcriptions.

Additional Services

Russin Reporting LLC is a fully operating court reporting firm. We offer a wide array of services that are fully integrable for you needs.We specialize in civil, medical, and technical testimony.

We proudly offer:

  • Superior court reporting services
  • Official written & video depositions
  • Private & professional mediation/conference rooms for rent
  • Tape Transcriptions
  • Realtime court reporting
  • Hearings & court work
  • Sworn statements

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