Certified Court Interpreter Services

Interprete Certificado de Servicios en Corte

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At Russin Reporting LLC, we offer accessible court interpreter services and specialize in Spanish to English translation. The need for court interpreter services is crucial to clients facing the New Mexico court systems that is why Russin Reporting LLC offers our excellent services for our Spanish speaking clients.

We take great pride in being accurate and knowledgeable in our legal interpretations. Communication in a court setting can be 10 times more complex than communication during an everyday setting. Specialized and legal jargon, terminology, formal and informal registers, dialect, and nuances is used in courtroom settings and needs to be interpreted by a strong court interpreter or translator.

It is very much legal and necessary during a case to have a court interpreter for someone who speaks only, or primarily, a language that is not English.

According the United States Courts, “The Court Interpreters Act, 28 U.S.C. §1827 provides that the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts shall prescribe, determine, and certify the qualifications of persons who may serve as certified interpreters, when the Director considers certification of interpreters to be merited, for the hearing impaired (whether or not also speech impaired) and persons who speak only or primarily a language other than the English language, in judicial proceedings instituted by the United States.”

Contact us today to determine if a court interpreter is necessary for your litigation. Russin Reporting LLC specializes in civil, medical, and technical litigations and offers a wide-spectrum of court reporting services.

 Susana Chaparro, Certified Court Interpreter and Translator!

 Chaparro has more than 30 years’ experience in court interpreting and translating and has in-depth and qualifying knowledge of the legal system, giving her the strong ability to interpret specialized and legal language used in a court setting.

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