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Comprehensive Court Reporting Services Since 1991

Russin Reporting LLC has been providing Las Cruces, New Mexico with quality, trusted court reporting for 26 years and counting!

Locally owned and operated, Russin Reporting LLC offers a full spectrum of in-house court reporting services for our clients. Our reputation for excellence, timeliness, and accuracy assure our clients’ needs will be met.

Client Resources

At Russin Reporting LLC, we use the latest technology to supply our clients with:

  • Accurate real-time court reporting
  • Same-day draft of court transcripts
  • Digital copies of transcripts
  • High quality exhibit & copy scanning services onsite
  • Computer & internet access
  • Video & written deposition services

More Services

If your case requires you to be in the court room or if you are utilizing one of our comfortable in-house conference/mediation rooms, our court reporting services are well-equipped to take on any task such as:

  • Specialized hearings & trials
  • Legal assistance & research
  • Commercial litigation
  • Family law
  • & much more

Our court reporting services specialize in civil, medical, and technical cases backed by the best practices and certifications in the nation.

Best Practices in Court Reporting

At Russin Reporting LLC, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to court reporting. We are here to help you get the job done all while initiating the best practices in modern court reporting.

 “I am a party to the administration of Justice under the law and the Court I serve. I discharge my duties with devotion and honor. Perhaps I haven’t made history, but I have preserved it through the ages for all mankind. I AM THE REPORTER”

 – Excerpt from W. C. (Casey) Jones’ “The Court Reporter’s Creed”

Nationally Certified Court Reporters

Our staff members have received some of the best court reporting training and education in the nation and have hands-on experience in the field.

Staff members have met national certification standards set by the National Court Reporters Association (NCPA), which has been a nationally recognized certification program set for court reporters since 1937.

On staff, we multi-certified court reporters including the following credentials:

  • Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR)
  • Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR)
  • Registered Professional Reporter (RPR)
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