Impacting Cases through Court Videography

There are certainly components of a deposition that the written word cannot capture such as gestures and emotions to an expert witness recording. This makes a deposition a more powerful, persuasive tool in the courts.

Russin Reporting LLC provides clients with transcripts to accompany any video deposition.

We want to help you during your case and the outcome is very important to us. We take extra steps during all our services to provide you with all the components you need during your civil, medical, or technical case.

Contact Russin Reporting LLC for more information regarding our court videography services, and browse through the rest of our court reporting services all provided in-house and nationally certified to bring you the best results.

 Offering Quality, Convenient Court Videography

Through the advancements in technology, court reporting firms have developed methods to offer clients more. Videography has seen much progress through the digital age and the court systems have made room for the useful technology. Furthermore, court videography has become a trusted tool in the court systems.

Whether you need to capture video depositions, mediations or arbitration, Russin Reporting LLC has you covered with our in-house court videography services. Our services are performed by trained, certified professionals to give you the best production in Las Cruces and the surrounding regions. Our videographer is specifically trained in producing video in a legal environment.

Our videography professionals use the lasted digital cameras and multimedia equipment to record the highest quality depositions, mediations, and arbitrations in civil, technical, and medical cases, which we have superb specialization in. Our crisp and clean video production offers a professional look for any of our video productions.

 Bryan Harrison is our trained and certified court videographer Russin Reporting LLC has on staff. Harrison is a Certified Legal Video Specialist accredited by the National Court Reporters Association.

Because our firm is a one-stop-shop for all your court reporting needs, you have two professional, private conference/mediation rooms available for your utilization during the recording process and during video conferences.

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